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A pastoral council is a group of the faithful that is broadly representative of the faith community.  It is an advisory body that investigates significant pastoral issues and works with the pastor in reflecting on and praying about effective responses to the pastoral issues and needs. 

A finance council is a group of the faithful who assist the pastor by providing counsel in regard to financial matters. 

 Church of All Saints

Name:                                     Phone:            



Patty Becker                                      746-8135

Robert Pueringer                            746-2492


Pastoral Council

Duane Kunstleben                         746-2633

Cindy Schwinghammer              845-4768 

Debbie Binsfeld                             746-2426

Lenore Dawson                               746-2574          

Sharon Hadrich                              746-2813        

John Knettel                                    656-5924         

Greg Waltezko                               746-2457         


Finance Council

Joan Frie                                         746-2392                       

Tricia Opatz                                  746-2429

Patrick Vandrovec                     746-9939


Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Name:                                   Phone:      



Kim Primus                                      393-2159

Jim Guck                                          240-0547


Pastoral Council

Mike Higgins                                   393-4120

Linda Hartung                                746-2920

Dave Trettel                                    251-2237

Janet Zachman                              746-2280

Nancy Plante                                  393-3095

Ron Schmidt                                   393-2472

Melyssa Sakry                                309-3280

Laurie Catton                                  393-7422

Bob Mohs                                         363-7888


Finance Council

Kim Primus                                     393-2159

James Guck                                    240-0547

Patti Krystosek                             746-2144

Jason Kubat                                    393-3756

Carol Stanoch                                363-8170



Immaculate Conception

Name:                                    Phone:              



Brenda Zierden                                 845-4349  

Joe Scepaniak                                   845-4169        


Pastoral Council

Mike Peters                                        746-2377 

Brenda Scepaniak                            363-8634

Russ Wolter                                        356-2429

Brenda Dobis                                      746-2301

Pete Scegura                                       746-2814

Jeff Symanietz                                    746-2701

Bernie Larkey                                     356-7402

Agnes Dobmeier                                746-2182

Gary Kierzek                                       356-7817


Finance Council

Brenda Zierden                                  845-4349

Joe Scepaniak                                    845-4169

Stanley Symanietz                           746-2480

Don Winkels                                       845-7464

Rick Pogatschnik                             746-2887

 St. Columbkille

Name:                                    Phone:          



Dave Paggen                                       363-0442

John Meagher                                     363-7419


Pastoral Council

Dale Skroch                                         363-1326

Kelly Sakry                                         253-9439

Lloyd Koopmeiners                        363-8634

Greg Solarz                                        240-0545

Jacob Beckius                                   259-4686

Mike Kuklok                                      363-4542    


Finance Council

Dave Paggen                                      363-0442

John Meagher                                    363-7419

Stephanie Gertken                          229-3884

Jeff Pierskalla                                    363-7811

Kevin Huls                                          363-4741


Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
Pray for Us!

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